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Kuroko no Basket – Technique: High Projectile Three (Inter-high)



Basketball Skills & Tips : How to Make a 3-Pointer in Basketball

Shooting three-pointers requires the correct shooting arc and good use of the legs. Make a three-pointer in basketball with tips from a basketball coach in this …100


Secret Ray Allen 3-Point Shooting Techniques

Ray Allen’s 3-Point shots analyzed in detail. Looking to become better at basketball and your improve 3-point shooting skills in 21 days? Get this book today: …130


Ray Allen and The Art of the Jump Shot

Find out what motivates Ray Allen and follow him through his shooting routine as he demonstrates the mechanics of the prettiest jumper in the game.91


Basketball Tips: How to defend the 3 with Jared Dudley

In this ProTips4U sports training basketball video, Jared Dudley, Forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, goes over How to Defend the 3. Learn the secrets of …198


Ray Allen 3 Point Shooting Practice (17/18 only missed one)

This is like a cool down shooting practice for ray allen. Ray Allen made all his shots until the last one. People said he intentionally missed it and that might be …63


tir basketball (technique basket)

Quand on parle de performance dans le tir basketball on ne peut que parler d’adresse, de réussite et donc d’interminable séries de tirs à l’entraînement pour …168


Tips for the perfect basketball three point shot| #OwnTheHoop

Do you want to become the best three-point shooter in Europe? Andrew Wilding is sharing his B.E.E.F strategy for achieving the best three-point shots. Practice …60


NBA 2K14 TIPS: Ultimate 3 Point Guide! How To Make Three's Consistently EVERYTIME (GLITCH TUTORIAL)

Learn how to do the speed burst here! [removed] In this video, BreeZe show’s you a variety of tips regarding shooting from …373


NBA coach Neal Meyer's tips for the perfect basketball three point shot| #OwnTheHoop

Want to be the best three-point shooter in Europe? Learn straight from the pros with tips shared by NBA Senior Director NBA Basketball / EMEA Neal Meyer.86