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NBA coach Neal Meyer's tips for the perfect basketball three point shot| #OwnTheHoop

Want to be the best three-point shooter in Europe? Learn straight from the pros with tips shared by NBA Senior Director NBA Basketball / EMEA Neal Meyer.86


NBA 2K16 Defense Tips: How to stop 3 point cheese. 2K16 How to defend online tutorial #92

Perfect Defense NBA 2K16. How to play NBA 2K16 Defense Tutorial. NBA 2K16 How to defend. NBA 2K16 How to play Lockdown defense. 2K16 Defensive …523


How To: Stephen Curry Shooting!

How To Stephen Curry Shooting. In this video discover the basics to help you shoot like Stephen Curry. The tips and drills in this video will help you develop the …588


Mark Few: Quick Hitting Basketball 3 Point Plays

Mark Few’s Open Practice Series Principles and Fundamentals of the Basketball Man-to-man Defense with Mark Few, Gonzaga University Head Coach; 11x …93


Basketball Shooting Technique – How to Do 3 Point Moving Dribble Drill

Basketball Scoring Secrets [removed] Basketball Shooting Technique – How to Do 3 Point Moving Dribble Drill.141


How to: Stephen Curry Shooting Form

Steph Curry Shooting Form – In this video, discover how to shoot like Stephen Curry through an in-depth breakdown of Steph Curry’s shooting mechanics.510


Steve Kerr, Master of the 3-Point Shot

Here’s a piece I did for TNT in 1994 when I was sent to Chicago to see what made the great 3-point shooter Steve Kerr so good. This was before his six NBA …155


Kyle Korver giving tips on how to be a good 3 point shooter (Inside Stuff)



How to Shoot a 3-Pointer with NBA Pro Kevin Love – How To Be Awesome Ep. 14

on this episode of #HowToBeAwesome Doug Brouchu from Shove It & So Random meets up with Kevin Love–NBA pro, 2012 USA Olympic Basketball team star …267


Stephen Curry: NBA Shooting Secrets

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