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HOW TO CLOSE OUT ON DEFENSE! Basketball Tutorial from Shot Science

CLOSE THE GAP & SHUT THEM DOWN!! FACEBOOK [removed] TWITTER [removed] GOOGLE+ [removed] …178


Gary Payton Defense : Lockdown Breakdown

Gary Payton is one of the best defenders to every play the game. Techniques: 1. Lockdown Stance 2. Delayed Steal 3. Between the Basket 4. Post Angle Most …247


Be a Defensive STOPPER!! (Defense 101 – Part 1) — Shot Science Basketball

Have you ever wondered how to play Defense? Do you want to be a Defensive STOPPER?! [removed] This week Chase discusses how to …208


Patrick Beverley Defense : Lockdown How To

Patrick Beverley’s Defensive Secrets 1. Lead with the shoulders 2. Back parallel to ground 3. Wide footing 4. Constant moving 5. Turn and run 6. Poke, don’t …276


Kobe Bryant Defense : Lockdown How To

Kobe Bryant’s Lockdown Defense 1. Wide stance 2. Low shoulders 3. Constantly changing what direction you’re forcing 4. Attack the hip of opponent 5. Beat the …253


5 Commandments of Basketball Defense

[removed] Go to the website above for 10 wildly effective defensive basketball drills, explained and demonstrated with step by step …316


Basics of Zone Defense

In this video we’ll look at the fundamentals of zone defense. We’ll look at the various defensive sets, why you would want to choose one set over another and the …598


Coaching Youth Basketball – Defense

[removed] – Coaching Youth Basketball: Guarding the Ball When focusing on youth sports basketball defense one-on-one, make sure to keep your …152


Kawhi Leonard Poke Steal Technique | How to Defense

[removed] (SECRETS) [removed] Sanp Chat: shotmechanics Instagram: …96


Better Defender – Lockdown defense

This video will show you how to become a better defender. Lockdown defense doesn’t come overnight. It takes technique knowledge and most of all effort.356