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NBA Ambitions-Ankle Injury Prevention 1 (Steph Curry Ankle Break)



The Importance of Stretching in Injury Prevention

Dr. Krystian Bigosinski, primary care sports medicine specialist at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush was recently featured on Comcast SportsNet discussing the …141


TRIA Play Strong™ ACL Injury Prevention Program

In this video, Dr. Anne Moore and Dr. Michelle Gorman discuss ACL injuries and ways to prevent them through the TRIA Play Strong™ Program. If you would like …219


PE Project- Basketball Injuries and Prevention

Oral Comm- Lauren Summers.74


Game Changers: 7 Exercises to Prevent ACL Injuries

Watch this video featuring U.S. Women’s Soccer star, Ali Krieger, which shows 7 exercises every young athlete can do to help prevent knee injuries.243


ACL Injury Prevention Exercise #2 & #3 – San Antonio Basketball Training

Tim Springer of Spartan Basketball shares 2 ACL injury prevention exercises that can be done anywhere. The first is a classic, while sets. The second exercise is …69


Common Injuries In Basketball & Prevention Tips

[removed] – Common injuries in basketball and how to prevent them by Dr HC Chang of HC Chang Orthopaedic Surgery, Singapore.135


Speed, Fitness & Injury Prevention for Netball & Basketball – Ashley Jones

This presentation is another in the live seminar series conducted by Ashley Jones in association with Paul Wright and covers a range of topics including injury …290


Injury Prevention: How to Prevent ACL/MCL Tears (Valgus Knee Collapse)

Welcome to our first video on injury prevention! This series will feature videos geared towards prehabilitation and what you can do to prevent common injuries.146


ACL Injury Prevention – Mayo Clinic

This story is all too common on the soccer field and basketball court. A high school athlete jumps to get the ball, lands and blows out a knee. And most of that …78