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ACL Injury Prevention-Mayo Clinic

This story is all too common on the soccer field and basketball court. A high school athlete jumps to get the ball, lands and blows out a knee. And most of that …105


Sports Performance: Preventing ACL Injuries

When performing the warm-ups presented in this video, make sure that you always practice good form. The goal for the athletes is to incorporate a 15-minute full …1492


ACL Injury Prevention for Female Athletes

For information on purchasing this entire video, go to: …17


Girls Basketball Conditioning ACL Prevention

In this video, learn 3 drills that will help prevent acl injuries in girl basketball players.148


Basketball Core Strength Exercises To Prevent Injury & Improve Balance

Another of our Sports Specific Basketball videos to show the value of using Functional Strength Training movements that mimic the sport. Having played the …209


GBL PEP Program for ACL injury Prevention-EXTENDED VERSION-with medical slides

Introduced by Paul Bauer and including presentation by Dr. Michael Medvecky and demonstrated by GBL players.874


Prevention of Basketball Knee Injuries- Matt Shade, M.Ed, AT

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine has 3 convenient locations! www.pssmwellness.com PSSM Lawrenceville, NJ | 609.588.8600 PSSM Newtown, PA …169


Basketball Strength Coaches Chalk Talk – Episode 3 – Advanced Hip Injury Prevention

Basketball Strength Coaches Chalk Talk – Episode 3 – Advanced Hip Injury Prevention.2085


Knee Injuries: Prevention, Treatment & Recovery

Casual athletes who play any sport, including football, basketball, and soccer are prone to knee injuries that could affect their level of activity both short and long …1318


Basketball Injury Prevention Exercises

Basketball Injury Prevention Exercises [removed] Add At Least 10 Inches To Your Vertical Leap In Just 12 Weeks, GUARANTEED.44