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Volleyball tips: Passing techniques with John Speraw

John Speraw, Olympic Gold Medal Volleyball Coach and UCLA Head Coach, goes over passing technique. Learn the secrets of the proper way to pass …511


Basketball Passing Drills & Techniques : Off the Backboard Basketball Pass Techniques

The off the backboard pass is a basketball technique that is useful in certain situations. Learn how to pass the basketball off of the backboard, and get tips on …108


Top 10 Career Assists of Steve Nash

Check out the Top 10 Assists from Steve Nashs NBA Career.170


2 Competitive Drills To Improve Passing For Youth Basketball Teams

Bob demonstrates two great drills that you can use with your teams to improve passing. Monkey In The Middle Two players are on offense. One player in the …75


Basketball Passing Drills & Techniques : Basketball Bounce Pass Tips & Techniques

When done correctly, the bounce pass is a very effective basketball pass because it is difficult to defend against. Learn how to throw a bounce pass, and when to …101


Basketball Passing – Chest Pass

To view the next video in this series click: [removed] This video will show basketball passing and the chest pass.126


Chris Paul Hook Pass (DROP DIMES): Basketball Passing

[removed] (SECRETS) [removed] [removed] …131


Basketball Passing Drills & Techniques : Basketball Chest Pass Tips

Chest passes in basketball are used mostly for passing the ball to a teammate when there is no defender in the way. Get tips and techniques on how to do a …86


Michael Jordan Basketball Tips 13 Passing to the post

Michael Jordan Basketball Tips 13 Passing to the post Planet Hoops-Your source for Overseas Basketball and more:


Improve Team Passing with “Perfect Passing!” – Basketball 2015 #45

For information on purchasing this entire video, go to: …153