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Basketball Shooting Tips – How to Get Form Like Ray Allen

Learn how to get perfect form like Ray Allen with these basketball shooting tips. Then you can fill your own highlight reel of hitting threes just like Allen does!353


Basketball Shooting: Proper Footwork On The Step Back

Coach Nick demonstrates a good drill to work on the proper fundamentals for the step back jump shot. For more info on the Shot Tracker, click HERE: …400


Basketball Tips : Different Ways of Shooting a Basketball

Basic basketball shooting concepts include keeping the feet at shoulder width, keeping the elbow under the ball and maintaining mental focus. Find out how to …142


Basketball Shooting Tips – B.E.E.F.

Basic Shooting Tips for anyone interested in advancing their basketball fundamentals.196


Correcting Basketball Shooting Form and Technique

Many Youth Basketball players and youth Basketball coaches ask what is the correct shooting form on how to shoot a Basketball. Shooting a Basketball is …68


Basketball Training : Steps for Shooting a Basketball

The steps for shooting a basketball accurately include assuming the proper shooting stance, lining the ball up with the basket and following through correctly.46


Basketball Shooting Technique: EYES (#entertheFOREST)

entertheFOREST Pro Shot discusses how to use the eyes when shooting to make your shot more accurate.387


Basketball shooting tips and drills. Form shooting with Rob McClanaghan

Rob’s ProTips4U page: [removed] Facebook: [removed] Twitter: [removed] Purchase autographed …239


How To Proper Basketball Shooting Mechanics!

How To Proper Basketball Shooting Mechanics! In this video Coach Rocky demonstrates how to shoot with proper basketball shooting mechanics! Basketball …331