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Basketball Shooting Components: SWAY

The Sway is a technique that gives a player power, balance, arc, and touch. It helps with short and long misses.364


Basketball Drills: B.E.E.F. – The Proper Way to Shoot a Basketball

See a simple drill designed to teach young players the the proper way to shoot a basketball.134


How To Shoot A Basketball Perfectly!

How To Shoot A Basketball Perfectly! In this video Coach Rocky breaks down how to shoot a basketball, what to aim at while shooting, as well as he gives some …1076


How to Shoot a Basketball Farther | Basketball Moves

Nutella Bread Recipe: [removed] Like these Basketball Tutorials !!! Check out the official app [removed] …106


Basketball Training : Steps for Shooting a Basketball

The steps for shooting a basketball accurately include assuming the proper shooting stance, lining the ball up with the basket and following through correctly.46


How to Shoot a Basketball Properly

How to shoot a basketball the real way…124


Basketball Tips : Different Ways of Shooting a Basketball

Basic basketball shooting concepts include keeping the feet at shoulder width, keeping the elbow under the ball and maintaining mental focus. Find out how to …142


Larry Bird teaches how to shoot basketball



Basketball Shooting Technique: EYES (#entertheFOREST)

entertheFOREST Pro Shot discusses how to use the eyes when shooting to make your shot more accurate.387


Drills to Perfect Your Basketball Shot

To View the First Video in this Series Please Click Here: [removed]410