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Basketball #PDS: Dynamic Stretching

No more static stretching routines for your basketball warmups! Here’s a simple dynamic stretching routine for your team.85


6.Warm Up Activities



5 Minute Dynamic Warm Up | How To Warm Up | Ultimate Warm Up Routine

The following warm-up will prepare your body to train at the highest level. This is a shortened Dynamic Warm Up to fit the needs of coaches and athletes who are …390


Maryland Men's Basketball Pre Game Movement Prep vs. North Carolina 2-7-2010

Educational video for coaches and players that describes the individual movements that we use to prepare for basketball on game day.476


Stretching with ball (basketball warmup)

Afra khalij Fars Tehran Basketball Iranian Superleague 13-14.133


Basketball Stretches – Hip Mobility Part 2 (good pre game, warm ups exercises)

[removed] Basketball Stretches to improve your Hip Mobility & Flexibility. Hip (groin,leg) stretches for basketball to help you move quickly and properly …127


4 Basketball Stretches for Your Game

[removed] 4 Standing basketball stretches that you can do at home. The best Dynamic stretches for hamstrings, spine and lats flexibility. These are …198


Chef Curry Gives Us The Recipe To His Pregame Warm-Up!

Watch Golden State Warrior Chef Curry whip us up a doozy of a recipe with this seven minute breakdown of his pregame warmup, which showcases his …451


Dynamic warm-up Basketball

Physical Therapy Solutions offers a look at dynamic exercised geared toward basketball players.895


Basketball Stretches – Hip Mobility (Warm ups, pre game exercises)

[removed] Stretches for basketball focusing on Hip Mobility. Hip (groin,leg) stretches for basketball to help you move quickly and properly. Improve …141